Fuel rip-off, faulty pumps or crooked attendants?

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 I WRITE to vent my frustration over how a gas station in Port Moresby treats and cheats its customers. 

We do not get fuel there anymore for  this very reason. 

We had no choice but to make an emergency stop there in the first place as the fuel gauge light came on. 

We purchased K50 worth  of  fuel  and when the attendant was done, I  turned  the engine on  only to  see  the  fuel  light still on. 

I alerted  the  attendant who did not seem surprised, but just said that their fuel pump was faulty. 

I told him he could have served me from another bowser if he knew that particular one was not working. 

He did not bother and insisted he had put in K50 worth of fuel. 

I told him I could not go until he actually did, and instead of resetting and putting in K50 of fuel, the metre started at K37.24 and he topped it up. 

This is not the first time these guys have cheated customers. 

So many have been victims. 

In another incident, a sedan took on K20 fuel, but could not drive away from the service station as it had no fuel. 

The car owner enquired about it, but was scolded by a woman attendant who insisted she had put in K20 worth of fuel. 

This  and  many more incidents have gone unnoticed and I ask authorities to check this place out. 

The owner should also fix their faulty fuel pumps. 

I  am  sure  of  one  thing; I, along with others who have observed this, will never go back to the station near the hospital again.  

I will pass on the word to others to  avoid  these cheaters and go elsewhere to get value for  money. 


Port Moresby