Fuel shortage hits suppliers in Mt Hagen


THERE is a shortage of fuel in Mt Hagen due to the landslides which forced the closure of the Highlands Highway, according to businessman Dr Alan Kulunga.
Kulunga said some fuel stations had closed down while awaiting the re-opening of the highway and the arrival of supplies. “There are long lines at the fuel stations and the people and businesses are feeling the pinch now,” he said.
“It was more realised yesterday with the closure of a few stations in Mt Hagen.
“There are more than 10 fuel service stations in Mt Hagen.
“Not only does this affect the supply of fuel but also of goods into Hagen from Lae (held up) in Simbu.
“Hagen is in a bad situation because of it.
“Jiwaka also depends on the highway for the supplies that go out of the province.”
Kulunga hoped that the Government would address the highway problem in a timely manner so that the supply of goods could flow.
“The Government should see to it that this is fixed quickly as it is important not only to Hagen and its businesses but also to other provinces such as Enga, Southern Highlands and Hela all linked to Mt Hagen,” he said.