Full downstream processing by 2020

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The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 TWO forest management areas in the country are into full downstream processing while all other operations in the country would get into full downstream processing by 2020, Forest Minister Patrick Pruiatch told Parliament yesterday.

He said the two logging areas already into full downstream processing were Josephstall in Madang and Cloudy Bay in Central.

Pruaitch, responding to questions from Northern Governor Gary Juffa in Parliament yesterday, said the Government had put a stop to all-round log exporting and would only allow downstream processing, which would provide opportunities such as employment to the people. 

He said if there was any illegal logging anywhere in the country, the provinces concerned should advise him so that the companies responsible would be ordered to  comply with project agreements.

“The Government, through the National Forest Authority, should hold them (companies) responsible before they finished logging, as it would be too late to hold them accountable for breach of the project agreements after that,” he said.

He said the State would carefully monitor transfer pricing or tax export on round logs and acquire a 25% equity by setting up a company so the country does not miss out as many companies have not been paying taxes or have been cheating the Government.