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PRIME Minister James Marape says PNG is a rich Christian country rather than an “impoverished Pacific nation” as some outsiders paint it to be.
In his first independence anniversary message to the nation as prime minister, Marape said the country was “diversified (with) many colours, tribes and languages, yet neatly knitted together by the love of God and the passion for spiritual and cultural identity”.
“I congratulate our hard-working mothers, women, men, youths, children, boys and girls, young and old, community, village, and tribal leaders, church workers and missionaries who have all contributed towards nation building in the past 44 years,” he said.
“I extend my wishes and regards to development partners, diplomats and members of diplomatic missions, investors, tourists, business houses, and many of you from other nations of the world who have made PNG your home and a country of destination.
“We are not an impoverished Pacific nation as misrepresented by international media and global perception irrelevant for PNG’s national prosperity goals. But we are a rich Christian nation with development challenges that will be addressed.”
He advised companies and investors to “not fear” anything but just to “honour lawful directions and you will be okay”.
“If our country and our citizens are happy and wealthy and self-sustaining, your businesses too will grow from this healthy and business conducive environment,” he said.
He said he was elected prime minister on May 30 and was into his fourth month in the position.
“My wife Rachael and our six children have been the greatest institution I have come to know, in which I have grown as a man, husband and strong leader and prime minister of a vibrant young nation of many tribes and a thousand cultures.”
Marape hopes that by 2030, there will be religious freedom and “where digital innovations drive our education, health and economy, where all parts of our country are connected by top-class public infrastructures like roads and ports.”
He knows they “are achievable if I and all who are with me in public service today put forth collective efforts and stay on the course”.

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  • Our PM heart is in the right place. The heart for people were missing all these past year’s. Our prayers are with him and his government right now.

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