Full support to Parkop for buai ban

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013

 LET me say thanks to NCD Governor Powes Parkop for the right decision he has made to create a healthy environment. 

I am a concerned citizen currently living in Port Moresby, who has greatly appreciated and supported the governor for his initiative to take tough action on betel nuts in the city. 

Betel nuts have really spoiled and polluted the whole city, making it unhygienic and unhealthy. 

However, since the ban began on Oct 1, I have observed that the city is very clean. I thank the people for their cooperation and support as well. 

We must keep it like this.

Tthis is our home, so let us look after it. 

I thank Parkop and his team for the implementation. 

On behalf of the majority of citizens in this country living in Port Moresby, I fully support him and his team on this programme. 

Continue and let it become a law that completely bans betel nuts in the city. 

This is a sign of a good leader who is guiding his people to a better, healthier future. 

Parkop, you are a man of change and may our good Lord fill you with more wisdom and understanding to lead as you do more for our young nation towards a better future. 

JP Fidelis

Port Moresby