Fully vaccinated without booster

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THE definition of fully vaccinated has been changed to remove the requirement of a booster and the timeframe of being vaccinated within six months, according to Coronavirus (Covid-19) National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning.
Manning, who is also the Police Commissioner, highlighted this key change when issuing new measures which come into effect today (Monday).
He said a person is considered fully vaccinated if they have received:

  • A SINGLE dose vaccine;
  • A SECOND dose of an accepted two-dose vaccination as listed in Schedule 2; and,
  • RECEIVED two doses of any “mix-and-match” combination of accepted Covid-19 vaccines.

The other key measure Manning said was that no person, except citizens or permanent residents, were permitted to board an aircraft, vessel or vehicle bound for Papua New Guinea or otherwise enter Papua New Guinea, unless they have been fully vaccinated against the Covid-19.
Manning said that no person was permitted to board an aircraft bound for PNG unless:

  • THEY have been tested for the Covid-19 within a 72-hour period prior to boarding at their first port of departure to PNG; and,
  • HAVE returned a result indicating they do not have detectable levels of the Covid-19.

Manning said all arrivals, except children under-5, shall be tested for the Covid-19 on their day of arrival at the first port of arrival.
He said persons who tested positive for the Covid-19, shall have a second confirmatory PCR test.
Manning said if a person tested positive for the Covid-19 on the PCR test, they shall be quarantined for seven days at:

  • AN approved quarantine facility, the choice of which shall be the individual and at the individual’s own cost; or,
  • AT home, if the quarantine officer is satisfied that a person can safely isolate at home away from other persons (ie: in a self-contained house, unit or apartment).

He said the quarantine officer must provide in writing to the individual a notice that they are to quarantine; and the quarantine officer must provide information in writing (provided by the relevant authorities) to the individual as to appropriate methods of travel to an approved quarantine facility or location; and, the relevant testing organisation shall notify the National Control Centre or the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary informing them of the positive test result.
However, Manning said a child (any person under the age of 18) who tested positive for THE Covid-19 shall be quarantined at home with a parent or guardian.
International SOS (ISOS) will test all arrivals on commercial flights from Australia and Trakpro will test all other arrivals on commercial flights, for which they may charge up to K200 to an individual required to be tested upon arrival.
“The responsibility for the testing of persons not arriving on commercial flights is on the organisation that is transporting the person, who must ensure that all arriving persons are tested and the organisation is to bear the cost of the testing.
“All incoming arrivals shall be tested using Abbot Panbio Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Tests (Ag-RDT),” Manning said.