Funding for wards


IT is with great pleasure that I write in reference to the remarks made by Provincial and Local-Level Government Secretary Dickson Guina on LLG ward grants.
It is very interesting to hear him say that the Government has been annually allocating K60 million to 6033 wards since 2012.
He said the government would give K10,000 to each ward for development purposes this year.
I really do not know if this is true because I have not seen this K10,000 received by our ward members since 2014, and there’s nothing on the ground to show for this.
I do not know if the allocated funds he’s referring to were paid directly to the wards.
We have hardly seen our ward members deliver basic services to the Aroma LLG, at least not since 2014.
If the allocations were paid then we suggest the provincial and local level government department audit all the funds disbursed to find out if they had truly been received by the respective ward members and their ward development committee as stipulated under LLG Act.
I am saying this because basic needs in the communities havge hardly been dealt with because of funding difficulties.
We need the Government to look into this matter and urgently address it.

Victor I Avarava

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