Funding shortage a hurdle to high for Markham member


MARKHAM MP Koni Iguan admitted to the people that nothing was delivered in first 12 months which was a bad start for him due to no funding.
Iguan said since he won the election last year, there was only K1000 in the district treasury and not K4 million as claimed.
“I saw K2 million in the account when I came into the office but when the government froze all district services (DSIP) funding accounts during election period, the funds disappeared without any trace” Iguan said.
However, the first K1 million DSIP released this year to the old account was spent on paper claims without actual projects on ground, instead only K400,000 deposited in new account was saved.
Iguan said when receiving K500,000 from Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu, a share from internal revenue to maintain roads.
“This K500,000 from the governor opens a new chapter to work in partnership with provincial government and I appeal to nine colleague MP’s to embrace this team work” Iguan said.
He said that Yati Bridge linking the main highway with Onga-Waffa was maintained while machines were fixing feeder roads.

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