Funding woes hit track killings operation

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


A SPECIAL police operation to find the three remaining suspects in the Black Cat Track killings in Morobe last month has been suspended because of lack of funds.

Morobe provincial police commander Leo Lamei said on Tuesday he had suspended the operation because there was no money to continue work.

Police said initial funding had resulted in recapturing six of the nine suspects but these funds had been exhausted. 

Lamei said they would need around K200,000 to continue their operations for 14 more days. 

“We need funds for vehicle and helicopter hire, fuel, rations and logistics for our policemen,” Lamei said.

He said his policemen were on standby to be deployed once funds became available.

He said three men, one of them an escapee from Bitoi village in Wau, Morobe, were still on the run.

Lamei said a submission was made to the provincial government and they were awaiting a response. 

He reiterated his earlier warning that villagers found harbouring criminals would be arrested and charged by police.

“No one for whatever reasons should harbour any criminals. It is against the law,” he said.