Funds available to replace generator in Arawa, says Duma


STATE Enterprises Minister William Duma says there are funds to buy a new generator for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville if the existing one is faulty.
He was responding to Central Bougainville MP Sam Akoitai who asked Duma to get the PNG Power Ltd to restore services in Arawa.
Akoitai said continuous power disruptions in Arawa were affecting businesses at a time when the government was trying to restore services to the town.
He said the power disruption had been going on for three months.
Duma said while he could not confirm the reason for the continuous power disruptions on Bougainville, the government would provide the means for a consistent power supply and to fix the faults.
“I am not really sure about the reason for the blackouts on the island,” he said.
“It may be to do with the diesel generator breakdown or faults in the transmission line, or with the capacity of those managing that facility on the island and their failure to communicate with the head office in Port Moresby.
“But if it is to do with the breakdown of the generator then we will purchase a new genset for the important towns on Bougainville.”