Funds do not reach the ground at all

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Time for Morobe MPs to deliver” (Dec 29) by Jethro Jacob Jonathan of Wewak.
I welcome his call on all Morobe MPs to wake up and address the Lae road situation.
Lae city is the capital of Morobe province.
It is the second largest city and also the industrial hub of Papua New Guinea.
Governor Luther Wenge always refer to it as the Mama Kakaruk.
However, all the eggs which Mama Kakaruk lays, goes to the national purse.
During my debate at the Tutumang assembly last year, I called on the governor to take the lead together with  all Morobe MPs to stage a sit-in protest.
The petition was to get the Prime Minister to find more than K500 million to seal all roads in Lae including widening the Lae-Nadzab section of the highway.
Otherwise, all business in Lae will come to a standstill until our demands are met.
But I think the governor did not like the idea.
The Morobe governor’s position also deserve respect from the Government as being a fullback, Mr Wenge has done a lot for the Somare Government.
The prayers by Mr Wenge just before a supposed no-confidence vote has saved the Government and that also include an end to all meaningful debates.
Just before the 2007 elections, the Somare Government made available K600 million for East Sepik province in one of its NEC decisions in Wewak.
So maybe the writer can help by asking the Prime Minister to share some of the money, that is, if there is some money left, including whatever is left from the Sepik highway trust account funds of almost K30 million.
I am also disappointed with the two Cabinet ministers from Morobe – Sasa Zibe and Bob Dadae.
They have remained quiet over the Lae road issue and that is not in the best interest of the Morobe people.
Any MPs in the Cabinet, regardless of party affiliations, must represent the interest of his/her people first.
I have been given the mandate by the Bulolo people, including my fellow colleagues such as Finschhafen’s Theodore Zurenuoc, Tewai-Siassi’s Vincent Michaels and Markham’s Koni Iguan.
Despite being in the Opposition, we have raised the matter on numerous occasions in Tutumang and on the floor of the Parliament but to no avail.
I welcome Works Minister Peter O’Niell’s commitment last week of K100 million and I hope that the two Morobe MPs in the Cabinet and Mr Wenge support him.
I also call on the Works Minister to conduct an investigation into the use or rather misuse of the K50 million.
We can make any kinds of funding tomorrow but if theft and misappropriation are happening, then there will be no hope.
I am sick and tired of corruption where nobody goes to jail.- – Sam Basil  Bulolo MP