Funds for land reform


CABINET will allocate K15 million annually over the next five years for land reforms and implement the national land reform programme Phase 2 from next year.
Prime Minister James Marape officially announced his government’s funding support to implement the 2019 National Land Summit’s 17 resolutions on Friday to manage the rights of the landowners, land users and the government.
“This commitment demonstrates that the Government is steadfast in ensuring the land reform works for the benefit of all land owners and investors to grow the economy,” Marape said.
“Mobilising customary land along with effective administering of state land will ensure we are on track to achieve the aim of this reform.
“I am certain that successful implementation of this land reform will build a sustainable economic base and serve as a credible means to take back PNG and make it the richest, black Christian nation.”
Marape said land was one of the critical factors of production.
“Making secure land is available for commercial development complemented through better land administration underpins strong broader-based economic growth.
“This increased government revenue contributed to improved economic and social developments which includes the reduction of poverty and improved welfare of every Papua New Guinean.
“My government’s priority on Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is based on agriculture, forestry, tourism and even downstream processing for logging, mining and petroleum with land matters being dealt with properly to allow these investments to come through,” he said. He said the 2020 budget would focus on the SMEs by providing every citizens access to funds to assist them engage in the business opportunities.
“In order to be involved in this, you need to secure your land to engage in agriculture, tourism, fisheries, forestry and others.
“The days when people depended on the state to do everything for them are long gone. Now Marape-Steven government will surely work with people and investors to help ourselves and build our economy.
“The government and investors will put the resources and the landowners have the land and time to invest. Together we can build a nation that is safe, secure and wealthy,” he said.