Funds on hold as Finance calls for acquittals first Minister


Finance Minister James Marape told the Parliament that district services grants for 2017 have not been released and Finance and Treasury are yet to discuss the outcome.
In response to questions by Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi, Marape said the grants were constitutional and every district was entitled to it but the department required acquittals to receive the funds.
“We have not released the 2017 DSG so I will take this up with Treasury and negotiate for the funds to be released,” he said.
“District services grants is a constitutional grant, every district is entitled to it but we require acquittals from all districts.
“I have issued instructions to waver acquittal requirements for MPs who just entered parliament in the 2017 elections.
“You will work backwards as you get your funds for this year.
You will use and acquit for it.
“For those who are continuing members of parliament who served the district in the last term – we require your acquittals of the 2016 use of funds.
Then you can have a drawdown of 2017 funds.
In response to Markham MP Koni Iguan on the two components of the grants, non-digressional and digressional, Marape said he would factor those considerations in getting the departments concerned to look into the matter and report back to parliament.