Futile to ban alcohol sale

Letters, Normal

I REFER to recent letters calling for alcohol ban as a strategy to fight rising crime and alcohol-related violence.
While I do not deny the fact that alcohol abuse has contributed to crime and violence, it is futile to ban alcohol.
Most provincial governments have laws known as Provincial Liquor Sales and Distribution Acts which are based on the National Liquor Licencing Act.
These legislations regulate the sale, distribution and consumption of alcohol.
The respective provincial liquor boards (PLB) are the legal entities that supervise, implement and enforce the regulatory requirements, obligations and codes under the acts.
Whilst one may note the concerns relating to the control of liquor, we should appreciate that the PLBs have stringent guidelines and codes.
Unfortunately, there is widespread abuse and flagrant disregards for these codes and guidelines leading to ineffective control and monitoring.
Alcohol is here to stay and banning it will never work. 


Sandis Tsaka