Gabagaba focus on bowl

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The National,Friday 09th December 2011

GABAGABA Geana Sharks have set their sights on taking home a silverware after their performances over the past three days in the Southern region 9s tournament.
Although this is the fourth year for teams from Gabagaba village to participate, it is the second time for the Geana Sharks.
Gabagaba have won two games against Gavuone Bullets (8-0) and Efogi High Coast (14-4) and lost one to Fly Sowali Hornbills (16-14).
On Wednesday afternoon, Gabagaba kept their bowl finals hopes alive when they defeated Viriolo Gliders 16-4 to advance to the bowl quarter-finals.
Team trainer Nou Asigau said the team spirit had been high and the players were determined to make the bowls grand final.
“We had a very good preparation and the players in the team are positive.
“They gelled well together since coming into camp,” Asigau said.
“I would like to thank John Vada for sponsoring the team with the jerseys. It had boosted the team’s morale to play well and achieve our aim,” Asigau said.
The team is Wally Mavara, Maleva Tau, Wally Lalau, Boga Vere, Don Babaga, Kwarara Tamarua, Tau Gado, Trevor Uru, William Roga, Henry Lister, Allan Brown, Walter Kule, Mavara Uru, Bagelo Vere, Ken Gado, Nouairi Nou, Lahui Magalu, Vagi Nama and Bowag Moide.
The coach is Henoa Sere Henoa and trainer is Nou Asigau.