Gabsongkec congregation gives in its share to ELCPNG synod

Lae News, Normal

GABSONGKEC congregation in the Sampi parish of Wampar circuit of the Evangelical Lutheran church has contributed its share of goods for next year’s 27th synod in Lae.
The villagers’ deed coincided with the church’s Reformation Day last Sunday.
The Reformation Day is to remember the founder of the Lutheran church Martin Luther, who broke away from the Catholic church.
Parish vicar Gideon Joshua said the Reformation Day church activities started last Thursday with bible studies, dramas and the service on Sunday with the thanksgiving.
“We did not have such gathering for our thanksgiving in the past and I actually initiated this idea when I realised that the best time for their thanksgiving is during the Reformation Day,” he said.
“This date is slotted into our local calendar for the thanksgiving and it worked out very well.”
Joshua, a fourth year student at the Senior Flierl Seminary at Logaweng (Finschhafen) initiated the idea for the activities on the Reformation Day week and then followed by the thanksgiving for the forthcoming synod.
The groups who were part of the church activities include Erap, Raikos (Madang), Teptep (Kabwum), employees of Niugini Table Bird, Sunday school children and the people from Gabsongkec.
The collection would be handed over to the parish synod committee, which would later be handed over to the circuit committee to give to the National synod committee.
Another fourth year Martin Luther Seminary student, Ingy Yomen, and pastors Rev Walso Yalep and Erowe Inop assisted the vicar in bible studies, liturgy and Sunday services.