Gaiwata says LLG dissolved due to misappropriation

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FORMER Waria LLG president Utika Seseta should go back home to see what is taking place there, Morobe deputy governor Morokoi Gaiwata says.
Gaiwata was responding to media statements by the Seseta who accused him of using his discretion as the new president to dissolve the LLG administration and stopping all government services from reaching the remote sub-district.
Seseta accused his successor earlier this week, saying all government services except health had been stopped and no meetings had been held with ward councillors.
Gaiwata confirmed he had dissolved the LLG administration, saying that was because of misappropriation of funds and mismanagement.
He said bills for vehicle hire, hotel bookings, air charters were piled on the LLG accounts and he had to foot that when he took office.
He said those expenses were for the benefit of the officers and not the people.
He said he had held four meetings in each of the two years he had been in office but admitted he had not had one yet for this year.
“Health services are going well and the station is lighting up with the 250 KV generator set my administration had installed,” Gaiwata said.
He said he had collaborated with Bulolo MP Sam Basil to install a V-Sat system for the station.
He said under the provincial government K250,000 had been budgeted for the Waria Valley High School construction and another K1 million had been allocated for road construction from Sim to Bapi. 
He said the money had already been allocated and the provincial tenders board had already identified a contractor.
“It is a matter of completing the formalities for the contractor to start work,” he said.
He called on Seseta “not to roam around in Lae and make unfounded statements in the media”.
He defended Governor Luther Wenge over the Watut River issue.
Gaiwata said he had attended a meeting organised by the Union of Watut River Communities on behalf of the governor some time ago.
He said he told them Wenge had allocated K80,000 for a specialist to carry out scientific studies on the river system and if need be, the developers of Hidden Valley gold mine, Morobe Mining Joint Ventures (MMJV), be taken to court.