Gala Industry introduces new product

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

GALA Industry has introduced its new product – the Gala Hamamas ice cream.
It is a locally made product with a creamy toffee, dipped in rich dark chocolate and covered in crunchy biscuit pieces.
Gala Industry marketing manager Eugene de Lange said the industry produced 144,000 Hamamas ice-cream packs per month.
“A small number compared to other gala ice-cream products but we just started so we want to see how the consumers react to it before we increase our product sales,” Lange said. Out of that, 34,000 Gala Hamamas ice-cream products are sold in Port Moresby alone and 100,000 in other parts of the country.  The remaining 10,000 is used for free sampling to market the new product to customers.
Port Moresby Gala Area manager Shirleyanne Joseph said they marketed their sample product at three locations in the capital city.
According to general manager Gerald O’Brien, the industry is set to become the leading producer of ice cream in the South Pacific.
It may investigate building an export market for its Gala products throughout the Pacific once its position domestically has been consolidated post-expansion.