Gamato praises poll


ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato says the 2017 general election was managed better than the one in 2012.
“In 2012, there were 106 petitions compared to 77 in 2017. Some are to be dismissed.
“Despite a lot of criticism, we have delivered the 10th parliament successfully.
“All the electorates have been completed.  In the Southern Highlands (regional seat), I had to use my authority under special circumstances to pass it,” he said.
Accepting the Transparency International 2017 national election observatory report, he said the cost of managing the 2017 election was reduced significantly.
“We were given a budget of K400 million and out of this, K120 million was given to security and K279 million to election operations,” he said.
“By the end of September 2017, we had committed K212millon, and K77 million is yet to be released.