Games help bring out positive attitudes

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The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SPORTS can be used to help develop a person and make a law-abiding citizen in Papua New Guinea, according to the chairman of the Palimp One, Two and Three rural volleyball youth competition, Chris Ketiga.
Ketiga was speaking at the Gumas village outside Mt Hagen city, during the presentation of prizes for the winning teams at Rua Pona.
He said sport was a vital tool in changing a person.
In the last four weeks, he said, the competition had changed the lives of youths and elderly people who were focused on volleyball rather than gambling, taking part in illegal activities like taking marijuana and home brew.
Ketiga said the rural youth challenge was sponsored by the National Gaming Control Board with a K10,000 sponsorship package.
He added there had been a change among youths from the Moge Nambka Milimp clan of Palimp One, Two and Three, who had resolved their differences and had  come together to share ideas and live together.
Ketiga said it was a good sign for the Moge Nambka Milimp community.
He said sport could also be used to change the mindset and attitudes of people.
He said 29 teams, 15 men and 14 women’ teams participated in the competition.
Ketiga said the government should also focus on supporting sports because it would bring a lot of changes to the society.