Gaming board backs regional league with K150,000


THE Southern Super League was launched on Friday with the competition receiving K150,000 from the National Gaming Control Board for the inaugural season.
Board chairman Clemence Kanau said it was a partnership between the Government and a sporting body to help develop and create pathways for people in the country.
He challenged the league to deliver on their goals as a second-tier rugby league competition in the country.
“The success story of anything with regards to public funding is the management and the way an organisation or competition like this acquits their funding to attract more would-be partners in the future,” he said.
“It would help to pave the way for children from the region to excel.
“What this league is doing is a big movement because we are concerned about our children because this is not only just about league but we’re trying to address the issue of the ‘boombox’ generation.
“Let’s take them off the streets from things like drugs and other social problems, and get them on the field.