Ganim calls for peace in Enga

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The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 WABAG MP Robert Ganim has called on the people of Wabag and Wapenamanda to reconcile and make peace instead of resorting to violence following the killing of two men last Sunday.

According to reports from Wapenamanda, a big drain had been dug across the Wapenamanda portion of the Highlands Highway, completely disrupting traffic flow into Enga and out to Mt Hagen.

Two men were killed and a dozen others injured as a result of violence during the Digicel Cup rugby league game between Enga Mioks and Lae Snax Tigers at the Aipus oval in Wabag. 

Ganim joined Enga Governor Peter Ipatas’ call for a full investigation into the violence and appealed for immediate police intervention to restore law and order.

Meanwhile, former Wapenamanda MP Miki Kaeok claimed the trouble outside the field was instigated by a drunken man from Wabag.

Kaeok said the people from Wapenamanda went to watch the game and also support the Lae Snax Tigers, which is coached by their tribesman Stanley Tepend.

“My people did not go there with bows and arrows to fight. They were there to watch the game like any other Mioks and Tigers’ fans coming in from other parts of the province,” he said.

He said a minor commotion started outside but failure by the security personnel to manage the situation led to its spread, resulting in a student and a man being killed.

“I do not know why security guards would allow spectators to carry bush knives and other offensive weapons into the field. 

“This is not a fighting zone.”

Kaeok called for quick police investigation into the killings and arrest those responsible.