Gari Baki challenged


Police Commissioner Gari Baki must resign or be sacked.
Four policemen dead in election related violence, burning of the Boroko Police Station office by a female employee, internal strife among the police top brass and continuous police brutality are very serious matters of concern to the public.
The safety and trust of the public cannot be guaranteed because the commissioner cannot keep his house in order.
If it was Australia or any western nation Baki would have resigned voluntarily already. This is typical PNG attitude that he will not do so and remain in office because of a severe lack of principles and respect for the office that he occupies.
With the APEC meet just around the corner, the police force has gone from bad to worse. The commissioner has lost complete control of his own men and women in blue.
I don’t know what the Australian police advisers are saying among themselves with the burning down of that police office building in the heart of the capital city at Boroko by a police department employee.
Commissioner show some respect for your long and colorful career and importantly the office that you hold and resign.
Same message goes to politicians and heads of departments and agencies of State in similar situations or facing court proceedings.