Garia queries use of DSIP

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The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE buying and owning of earthmoving equipment by districts under the district
service improvement programme is questionable, Chimbu Governor Fr John Garia says.
He said during question time that although the DSIP funds were a good initiative of the government to provide goods and services to the people, “there is a concern for the districts that used the funds to buy earthmoving and working machinery”.
He said if the machinery was used to develop the district, then “it was not a problem but so far many machines brought by the district are engaged in road and construction work in other districts and provinces and making money and not serving its purpose”.
He said machines bought through the DSIP were for the development of the district and it should be specifically used for that purpose.
He said such machinery should not be owned by individuals and “cronies of members who will claim it if the member finishes as happened in many cases”.
“Who is going to be responsible for the machines and who will own the machines after the term of the member finishes?” Garia asked.
He said there should be some form of progressive report on how the DSIP funds were used and which district was performing exceptionally well in terms of service deliver using the funds.
He said by doing that the government “can actually see how each province is performing so the funds can be given to them”.
Garia said if any district did not perform, it should not be given any funds because “they cannot prove that they can deliver to the people”.
“It would be a waste of public money giving it to them.”
The question was not answered after the Speaker, Jeffrey Nape, ruled that the governor’s questions were statements.
Member for Menyamya, Benjamin Philip admitted services were restored and development was taking
place in his district after the government introduced DSIP.
He commended the government for the initiative, which he said had complemented the service delivery programmes in his district.