Gas deposit found


PAPUA New Guinea is a country rich in mineral resources.
Some of these minerals have been discovered and are being extracted by mines, but a few are yet to be discovered.
Out of all provinces, Usino-Bundi in Madang is said to be the home of mining.
There’s evidence of natural gas deposit in a very remote part of Gama LLG in the district.
This natural gas reserve has been there for decades and is known to the local surrounding community and landowners.
In 2017, an Asian mineral explorer visited the gas reserve.
We don’t know how he came to know about the gas deposits.
He did some testings and made these remarks;

  • GIANT gas deposit in the world;
  • GAS is sweet when tasted;
  • GAS volume, pressure is deep and of high voltage; and,
  • PERCENTAGE of the gas is over 100 per cent

Since then the landowners, with the help of the current MP, have worked to develop this project.
It’s not easy for the landowners to boost this project because of the lack of financial backing.
They have hit brick walls but are still pursing on.
In the years to come you, a new LNG Project will be in Usino-Bundi as Igindon Ramu Basin One Ramu Liquefied Natural Gas.
As a proud citizen, I believe this project will boost the economy of our country.
It’s an opportunity to boost employment in the future.

Sibby Megi

One thought on “Gas deposit found

  • Definitely there is more to popup, where there none before, will see Gases/ Minerals everywhere, there was a prophetic word released in a Church Conference in Pom 2007, The Lord said, Im diverting what is in Iraq into Papua New Guinea. Its 12 years now Gas is everywhere in this country, will extract them for the Good News of the Kingdom to be extended to the Ends of the earth……..

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