Gas plan protects ecology

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


WITH the Papua New Guinea LNG project nearing completion, concerns about the environment are being addressed.

This was mentioned yesterday at the media workshop held by PNG LNG project for their first quarterly report this year. 

Places of concern by local communities and breeding grounds for nature are among the top priorities of the LNG project.

Jane Mogina, biodiversity adviser with Esso Highlands, said there are new species of plants and animals being discovered and some areas of significance are being put into conservation.

“Places like the Lake Kutubu has 20 species of Fish, of which 12 are endemic (only found in the lake). 

“Mt Bosavi, also along the onshore pipeline area, is a dormant volcano and lacked information on the biodiversity … it is now to be preserved as a conservation area.

“Mitigation measures such as identifying and avoiding the areas of breeding and customary areas and protecting endangered animals and plants will be a priority during the construction” Mogina said

She said the pristine areas of forest in the pipeline network are of great concern and community engagement groups from PNG LNG are always on hand to negotiate for better and safer options for the protection of the area’s biodiversity.