Gas turbine engine for power plant here

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The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 PNG Power Ltd has flown in a gas turbine engine from the United States to replace the one which is not working at the Kanudi Power Station.

A Boeing 747 cargo aircraft arrived in Port Moresby at 10.30pm last Saturday with the engine. 

PPL bought the 10 megawatt GT engine as a replacement for the failed Kanudi GT unit. 

The target date for the completion of the works and to get the unit running is Nov 15. The remedial programme by PPL for Port Moresby includes:

  • New step-up transformers for the new Kanudi GT units have been installed and awaiting the GT output settings to be varied; 
  • PPL has put in a submission for approval to Independent Public Business Corporation for the lease of 10MW diesel units from Aggrecko to be commissioned at Moitaka.

The units have been provided by the supplier but have been awaiting IPBC approval since Oct 9. Given the delay experienced in the approval process, the expected target date for the Unit to be commissioned is Dec 7, 2013; and,

  • The return to service of the Moitaka diesel unit 3 is being worked on by contractors who are on site working on the unit with pre-commissioning checks underway. The expected target date for the unit to start running is Thursday.