Gau backs Ramu NiCo project

Momase, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 23, 2010

RAI Coast MP James Gau and other stakeholders have declared their support for the Ramu NiCo project and intend to do their part to ensure that the mine begins production next year.
Gau said the project would benefit the people.
“I hope the mine will begin exporting before the next election in 2012,” he said at a Christmas function hosted by the Ramu NiCo company.
Sir Peter Barter said he also supported the Madang project and blamed government departments for the delay.
He said the Lands Titles Commission, for example, was slow in processing applications and resolving matters between the company and landowners.
“We have to look around to see the many changes that Ramu NiCo has brought. This project is a government-initiated project and has to move on, the sooner the better,” he said.
The Minerals and Resources Authority (MRA) pledged to carry out more awareness programmes, especially on the dumping of tailings into the sea.
Project coordinator Carter Oiee said the delay was costing the company up to K2 million a day.
He said the government, the MRA, landowners and other partners had an obligation to ensure that production began as soon as possible.
Also present was Tracy Schippell, author of the Scottish and marine science (SAMS) report who had initially laid bare the facts surrounding the deepsea tailings dumping and its effects.