Gau spots weaknesses in govt

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The National,Wednesday18 January 2012

THE lack of three important key offices in the Madang government has seen the town operate on an ad-hoc basis, Governor James Gau said.
He said the provincial government lacked a registered engineer, lawyer and physical planner.
Gau made the comment when asked about the costing analysis for major infrastructure projects in the province.
Certain parts of the town roads in the commercial business district have had compacting done by Equip Plant, the only qualified construction company in the province.
This is despite the fact that major roads in the commercial business district fall under the Madang urban LLG.
LLG manager Titus Futrepa agrees that a qualified engineer was needed in his office.
Futrepa said it had seen funding earmarked for roads spent without a proper quality assessment done.
“Madang town is poorly planned. It was planned in the 60s when there were fewer people and economic activity going on,” he said.
“The LLG is on the verge of completing a new town plan. We have to go back to the drawing board if we want to improve the roads and that starts with planning.”
He said all other existing infrastructure or services provided would be band aid treatment if initial planning was lacking.
He said a total restructure of the physical planning of the town was needed as the town was sinking, “as is visible along the shorelines”.
Gau, who recently brought in a Korean company to design the town, said yesterday that despite the lack of an engineer, the town roads should be done as soon as the tendering processes were complete.
He said a funding of K10 million had been given to works, with K3 million supposedly going to the six
 streets within the Kalibobo residential area and K7 million with the Central Supply and Tenders Board for bids to do the road.
However he admitted that the lack of a physical planner was a worry as many illegal fencing and structures were “popping up all over town”.
He said the provincial government could not pursue legal issues because it did not have a lawyer.