Gazelle’s K10m distributed

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

GAZELLE district has allocated K1.5 million to upgrade the Kerevat market and for the town’s scoping and design.
It is the biggest slice of the K10 million Gazelle district services improvement programme (DSIP) funding this year.
This week the district office released the development budget allocation of the DSIP funding, with the K1.5 million coming from the K3 million allocated for infrastructure developments in the district.
The rest of the K3 million was given for the Burit-Malasaet and Utmei-Lassul road upgrade as well as other road upgrades (K1 million) and the rural electrification programme from Vunalaka to Kuraip village and Rabagi 1 and Ratunur-Rabata village (K500,000).
From the K10 million, K2 million was allocated to health.
Of this, K1 million will go to the Kerevat hospital upgrade and road sealing, K600,000 for hospital staff houses and K130,000 for a new hospital ambulance.
The Kerevat town water supply scoping and design was allocated K170,000 and Utmei aid post staff housing given K100,000.
For education, K2 million was given to the sector with K1.5 million going to district primary school maintenance programme for 61 primary school classrooms.
Also under the education allocation is:
l    Utmei Secondary School – K20,000;
l    Kabaira and Raval vocational – K100,000; and
l    Vuvu Secondary School K100,000.
The law and order sector’s K1 million will be distributed as follows;
n    K350,000 for the 20 Kerevat policemen’s single dormitory;
n    K270,000 for Toma police post and cell block;
n    K150,000 to Kerevat police staff housing;
n    K130,000 to response unit vehicle; and
n    K100,000 for a village court supervision vehicle for the district.
A further K200,000 was designated for development of five identified tourism sites and K300,000 for cocoa and coconut rehabilitation programme.
Fisheries and livestock development programmes awarded K100,000 each and another K100,000 for economic sector capacity building. 
The people empowering programme under the Small and Medium Enterprising (SME) sector was allocated K200,000 from the K1 million economic sector appropriations.
Administrative, scoping-design and mobilisation with the Gazelle MP’s discretional fund are included in the K1 million earmarked from the DSIP fund.