Gazelle celebrates opening of market

National, Normal

The National- Friday, February 4, 2011

 A NEW roadside market at Napapar 3 village in Gazelle, East New Britain, was opened on Wednesday by MP Malakai Tabar.

It is one of the five markets in the district worth K250,000 with only Livuan Reimber and Napapar markets completed and ready to be used. 

The other two markets, said to be built at Vunadidir and Navunaram villages, had been halted due to land disputes while the market at the University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) will soon be completed.

Tabar said land disputes had halted the progress of other proposed markets and urged locals to find  solutions.

The markets are an initiative to help mothers sell their produce without spending more money on transport in search of markets in urban centres.

Napapar villagers were encouraged to share the infrastructure with locals from neighbouring villages and not to restrict it to themselves.

He added that Napapar was also the proposed relocation site of the district LLG  headquarters.