Gazelle pays K789,000 to 49 primary schools

Islands, Normal

The National,Tuesday March 15th, 2016

 THE Gazelle district in East New Britain has paid a total of K789,000 from the Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF) to 49 primary schools in the electorate.

Kerevat Primary School, the biggest in the district, received a cheque of K37,266.30, Vunakanau Primary School received K35,300.45, Tudungan Primary School got K29,971.62 and Vunadidir and Navunaram primary schools each received K29,073.

Formerly known as the Rehabilitation of Education Services Infrastructure fund (RESI), the IDF is intended to assist primary schools build new infrastructure or do renovations to existing classrooms, libraries, teachers’ houses and school toilets.

Gazelle district has been paying out this fund to schools since 2010. 

There are 63 primary schools in the district and each school has been assisted annually, provided that the boards of respective schools submit their acquittals to the district education office on time.

Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar said the IDF fund must continue to assist schools improve and expand their infrastructure to cater for the district’s increasing population. 

Gazelle district is the biggest electorate in ENB and the Islands region with a population of 130,000.

Tabar said there were over 40,000 in the school age category.

An educationist, Tabar has continued to give priority to all levels of the education sector in his district.

He has a strong desire to see all education facilities in his electorate, from elementary schools to secondary schools, have adequate learning infrastructure to provide a good education for school children. 

He has said on many occasions that due to the shortage of land and the ever-increasing population, “a good education was the only road to a better future for young people.

The province currently has the highest birth rate in the country and Gazelle is the district with the highest birth rate in the province.

Tabar has travelled to schools since January to deliver cheques. 

He called on students to work hard and achieve good grades so that they can enjoy a better future.

He also called on parents to develop an interest in their children’s education and support them.