Gazetted positions allow teachers to find top jobs


TEACHERS in Morobe will now have the chance to apply for more than 4000 positions gazetted by the Teaching Service Commission for the 2018 school year.
The positions are for primary, secondary and technical vocational education and training school (TVET) teachers currently teaching in the province.
Provincial appointment officer Paul Tayang on  Saturday said teachers now have the opportunity to be promoted as the positions have been gazetted.
He said in 2014, the only positions available for them to apply for were senior positions but this year all positions had been gazetted and it was an opportunity for teachers to apply for positions that they were eligible for. Morobe has 3471 primary school positions, 519 secondary school positions and 167 TVET teaching positions gazetted  for next year.
Meanwhile, Tayang said applications from schools closed on July 7, however, schools in remote locations still have till Friday.
He said they were now sorting out the applications.
Assistant appointment officer Micah Lapu said that this year was the first time that they had received gazetted positions in electronic form. “In the past years, we used to get the gazetted applications in hard copy and that made it easier for us to send them out to schools,” he said.