Gebbie overlooked

PNG Kumuls star unable to force his way into Tigers’ starting side

LAE Tigers coach Stanley Tepend says he has so much depth that not even Papua New Guinea Kumul and former South Sydney Rabbitoh Edene Gebbie, pictured, can force his way into the starting side.
The former Wynnum Manly Seagull and SP Hunter has been overlooked since round six with Tepend retaining the side which lost their first game of the Digicel Cup season on Sunday.
In a rematch of last year’s grand final, defending champions Tigers – who boast the best attack in the 12-team competition – lost 4-24 to the Hela Wigmen at Port Moresby’s Sir John Guise Stadium.
The ladder leaders had signed Gebbie, a specialist fullback, to bolster their attack but a plethora of talents, including SP Hunters custodian Joe Joshua, has seen the 25-year-old remain on the extended bench following his return from injury.
“Gebbie returned to training before round seven and we’ve kept him on the extended bench since,” Tepend said.
“I do not want to bring him into the starting 17 because we’ve been playing well over the last four rounds and I didn’t want to disrupt our momentum.
“I have decided to maintain that winning team.
“They were all performing well and I did not want pull out a player for the sake of giving Gebbie game time.”
But three-time premiership winner Tepend said the Koiari native, who played in this year’s National Rugby League Nines, was still in the frame to play again this season.
“He could be back soon, probably in the last round (against the Port Moresby Vipers) or the finals,” he said.
“The Wigmen loss has given us a reality check.
“But we’ll only make changes if need be.”
The Tigers need to beat Ase Boas’ Vipers on Sunday if they are to claim the minor premiership, with the second-placed Rabaul Gurias ready to pounce.


  • Missed his golden opportunity with the Bunnies (South Sydney), just need to buy time, which he didn’t. And now he even cannot make it into a Digicel cup side!.. What a waste. Koiari black pawa wok ya, how bai yu save???

    • It’s not superstition
      Gabbie can make it with other Digicel Cuo teams likevRabaul Gurias or Gukf Isou ok
      He still can make it to the Kumuls from no where

    • Edene doesn’t need to be at Lae Snax Tigers
      Like every other Digicel Cuo teams their season will be gone soon
      Edene come back to Port Moresby This is where it begins

  • hes a gun. let some other club pick him up if theydont want him
    hes gotta play so he can earn is kumul stripes, i dont see those tigers players stepping a newzealand team and running away
    gebbie em boss yah

  • I watch his games many occassions .He is the best fullback so far as PNG Rugby League is concern. I admire him a lot. Give him the Kumul Gersy n see him at works.

  • Local product and proud of your achievements so far. Keep your head high God almighty is RESETING everything during this Covid 19. You will have your moment and time. God bless

  • Stanley makes the decision for the Clud and knows what best for players.
    Gebbie knows what is required of him and when the time right time comes he will not let his coach down.

    Go the Tigers.

  • I tip the Vipers to defeat the Tigers come Sunday and Gurias to claim the Minor Premiership Trophy.

    Go Vipers!

  • Everyone says he’s wasted his opportunity but did not know that he was offloaded by Rabbitohs as they couldn’t afford to keep him during this pandemic period. He was in a development squad, not in the Top 30 playing group.

  • He should be included in the Team to give more strike power and also organize the defensive structure from behind.
    His blistering speed and agility are two greatest assets he possesses.
    With all due respect Coach, I don’t see any valid reasons why he couldn’t make it into the 17, unless he is a liability in defense????

  • He should be included to maintain his fitness. He is one of the number one for the country at the position he is playing so use him up from time to time and don’t let him sit there. We have world cup coming up next so everyone should be fit and ready. Otherwise Gebbie, I urge you to leave that club as soon as possible.

  • I admire his line breaks and speed which he has scored most of his tries.. if the coach has plans in his game strategies and where he can fit him as a full back specialist..he’ll do best for the club..Stanley keep up with your word.
    Tigers 2020…

  • Edene Gebbie is one of the best products of PNG rugby which his coach knows very well and keeping him on the bench will not help anyone, his club, the players or the country at large. The coach himself is the assistant coach of the Kumuls when you do this you are doing dis-service to the Kumuls and the country so your role as a coach and your decisions must come with wisdom you not only carry the club on your shoulders but the country and the Rugby League family as well. Rugby League in PNG is no longer an isolated sports anymore its now a family sports after the world cup and we want to see more of our home grown players in the world cup.

    I am a patriotic PNGan and want to see our best in the world cup I really believe we can win the world cup if we can beat Tonga and Australia. They are human beings so are we, Go Coach hold your head high make the right decisions for your team and the country. God bless the Kumuls and PNG my beloved country….

  • You don’t need a junior coach as Tepen. You are an experienced player and need coaching by a senior coaching element.

    Oi danu! mai gabu dekenai gadara… Papua memero danu be gadara kawa. Oi lao Dabari dekenai imana negea.

    Koiari be soka taudia. Tepen be soka taudia ia ura lasi.

  • Hey Neko, My advise to you, leave Snax Tigers right now and go back and play for CENTRAL DABARIS that’s where you belong. Oi be tahaka oi tahuano. Mai emaraina Snax Tigers tanu taim bataherea hoi waste kava noho.

  • Gebbie; Why are you sitting down waiting all this time and watching ?
    You are among the best PNG senior players…a talented player you are. You’ve got to be on the playing field.
    You’ve got the height and built that is a match up to the NRL Players.
    I suggest you step out with humbleness to another club and you’ll be a hero there with you speed and steps.

  • it is a disappointment for our coach to sideline a well vast talent. He needs game time to sharpen his skills to develop and grow as a player. Sidelining him doesn’t help and it sends the wrong message to the PNG rugby community and the country as a whole. As proposed by many it is in the best interest of the game and for him as a player to search for another club to keep his fitness endurance in-check for the up coming rugby events.

  • He’s a greedy fool. He should exit Tigers and go join other Digicel clubs to keep him fit and also to share his experiences with the new upcoming players. Be bold. Make a stand. Sharing is caring. Maski lonlon..u should be with your local talents in the local teams like Isou and Dabaris…or you laik kusai tasol na pilai with a top team like Tigers?

  • Tepend is either day dreaming or for whatever reason he’s we all rugby league community disagree Edene having no game time. Explanation on fitting Gebbie would distrub the winning streak is unreal. Gibbie is Rugby freak with his blistering attack and more to say we need him on kumuls. And keeping such players on the bench is a bad call for Stanley as people are not happy as I believe how PNGans talk and discuss rugby . Up to you before you loose all the love from your fans.

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