Gehlot’s programme lacked support

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013

 I REFER to comments 

by Unitech student repre­sentative council (SRC) pre­sident on the failed master programme (The National, March 18).

As a pioneer, I would like to say it is not a failed masters programme.

The responsible individuals failed to promote and support the program­me initiated by Prof Dr Narayan Gehlot.

Propagating changes to transform the electrical and communications en­gineering department and the university was un­comfortable to many  and was seen as a threat.

As pioneers, we saw there was room for im­provement and, possibly, an accreditation with a US-based higher insti­tution.

Unfortunately, the programme was put to a halt by individuals with vested interests who do not want to see progress 

in the department and human resource development.

My professional judgment is we need more of the likes of Gehlot to  develop the engineering minds of this nation and bring about innovation and changes.

I urge the SRC president to also address dormant issues affecting the students’ academic learning, teaching and re-search quality on campus, lodging, overcrowded lecture rooms, scarce facilities, etc.


Simo Kaupa

Via email