Gelu on the road to boost parties


Registrar of Political Parties Alphonse Gelu has urged executives of political parties to work harder to create party awareness.
Gelu’s response comes after some political parties informed him that they could not attend a planned political party roadshow later this month due to financial constraints.
“It is very important from the view of the registry that political parties in the country must be self-sustaining,” Gelu said in a statement.
“Political parties have to cater for themselves and to start doing more awareness rather than being ignorant of the realities confronting parties in the country. The Registry of Political Parties will not do the work for you, you have to lift yourselves to do what you are supposed to be doing anyway in order to promote your own party.”
The roadshows will be staged at Tusbab Secondary School in Madang town and the Sir Ignatius Stadium in Lae, Morobe. Both provinces were selected due to their population and connectivity with the Highlands area.
The main purpose of the roadshows is to educate people about political parties – their roles and nature, and most importantly to get people interested to enlist as members of parties.
The roadshows are part of the registry’s activity this year.
It has also invited 45 political parties to join the shows.
Gelu said the roadshows were not an activity for political parties as they had their own plans and activities
He said the roadshows were an excellent opportunity for the registry and parties to work together to promote them in Madang and Morobe.