Gelu reminds politicians of party procedures

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The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


REGISTRAR of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu is concerned about the defection of Kandrian-Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang from the Opposition to the Government ranks. 

He said yesterday that Lelang was the party leader of the Coalition for Reform Party and his decision to join the People’s National Congress Party meant he had to either amalgamate with PNC or dissolve his party.  

Gelu said his office had not been informed of Lelang’s move so it could facilitate his switch.

“It is not a matter for him to  move camps just like that,” Gelu said.

“His party is a registered political party and there is a process in place which he has to comply with. But there is no law that stops Lelang from moving camps but he must be reminded that there is a process for him to follow as stipulated in the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.”

Gelu said people considering forming political parties must be serious about their intention. 

“In the revised Organic Law there are stringent measures to register political parties. I will make sure that only those who are serious about forming political parties and committed to maintaining their parties will be considered.” 

Lelang, a former secretary for National Planning, joined PNC last week, reducing the Opposition to only seven MPs while the Government increased its strength.