Gene lacks experience to coach Kumuls

Letters, Normal

I READ that the powers that run rugby league in PNG have appointed Stanley Gene as the coach of the Kumuls following the withdrawal of Adrian Lam.
If these people had any foresight, they would have worked out at least two months ago that Lam was not going to be available.
They would have given themselves sufficient time to seek a coach with NRL experience to guide the team in the Four Nations.
With due respect to Gene, he has virtually no experience at all coaching at this level and preparing a team for a competition of this significance.
And he would be the first to admit that himself.
No matter how experienced you are playing the game, a moment of brain explosion can cost your team dearly.
Remember the Kumuls opening game against England in Townsville during the World Cup two years ago?
The Kumuls were poised to strike to take the lead in the dying stages of the game, and at tackle count one 10m from the England tryline, Gene elected to kick and chase from the dummy half with no support when the Kumul backline was out deep crying for the ball with the tryline begging.
The England players were puffing with exhaustion and could barely defend, and were thankful Gene decided to do it all himself, and blew a golden opportunity. 
Under the tutelage of a top notch coach with NRL experience, we might learn to read the game better and take the right options when attacking, or defending.
I won’t blame Gene if the under prepared Kumuls suffer embarrassing cricket score defeats.
The administrators of the game must do their part to ensure the right people are brought in to guide the team.
They should not just walk into their air conditioned boxes and expect miracles from the players on the field.

Hohola mangi
Port Moresby