Genuine cards show serial number

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A genuine green Covid-19 vaccination card. National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning says that a genuine vaccination card can be identified by the lot (serial) number (circled) in the fourth column, plus the two stamps at the back.

A GENUINE or original green vaccination card can be identified by the lot (serial) number in the fourth column, plus the two stamps at the back, says National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning.
“The lot or serial number is given specifically to a (vaccinated) person who is registered on the database that is accessed by the National Control Centre and the Department of Health,” he said.
“This number is used to identify the person, when he or she was vaccinated and where.”
He was commenting on the alleged fake vaccination cards being sold to people who have not been vaccinated to, for example, help them continue or secure employment.
He warned people not to waste their money buying the illegal cards.
“Do not try to buy the fake green vaccination cards,” he added.
He said the green vaccination cards should be free and given to people only after they were vaccinated.
“To those selling the cards, you are playing with the lives of those who (buy them),” he said.
He also warned those buying the fake cards that “you are putting yourself in danger of being infected with the Covid-19”.
“While we are not forcing anyone to take the vaccine, lying about receiving the vaccine does not help you or your family,” he said. National Capital District Provincial Health Authority chief executive officers Dr Steven Yennie told The National: “We are reviewing our cards to ensure we have an electronic bar code.
“All data will be now electronically kept.”
On how a bar code and data would be kept electronically, Yennie said the National Control Centre had the technical capabilities to assist.
Deputy National Pandemic Response Controller Dr Daoni Esorom said: “We are looking at developing a digital certificate that comes with a code number and ID linked to one person.
“It’s the only way we can deal with the issue of the photocopying of the card.”