Georgina discovering her purpose

Georgina Hilei’i Kiele (left) receiving a certificate of appreciation from Prime Minister James Marape.

GEORGINA Hilei’i Kiele wanted to be a pilot but instead chose a career in information technology because it is more in demand.
Georgina was born on Aug 26, 1985 in Lae, the sole daughter of Clementia Hikerai Kiele, a social worker from Mokoreng village on Los Negros Island, Lorengau district, Manus, and late dad Jonathan Salo, a former police savings and loans lending manager from Lotae village on Musau Island, New Ireland.
Georgina was brought up with 13 children – five from her mum’s family and eight from her dad’s family. Together there were five boys and eight girls.
She was brought up in Manus before the family moved to Lae.
Georgina started her education in Manus and Lae before the family moved to Port Moresby. She took up an information technology course at the University of Southern Cross, Australia through the Institute of Business Studies. She graduated with a degree in IT.
She started her career as a computer support analyst with a company before joining the Department of Information and Technology.
Georgina is currently the cyber service team leader at the Covid-19 National Control Center as is its website administrator.
She addresses her job seriously at the center during the pandemic and is learning as much as she could on how to approach and solve problems when they arise.

“ And each person is created by God with a purpose or purposes. I believe that’s a purpose of doing something that interests you. You love to do what’s good and inspires others.

“To learn new technology and become cyber savvy is a privilege for me.  Being a website administrator at the NCC is a duty and responsibility. This is one of the ways I can contribute to the Covid-19 response.”
She has also grown to love what she is doing.
“I love information technology. It always interests me because I realise how important it is to disseminate information to people.
“Because of so much fake news on social media, the website has become the source of genuine Covid-19 news.”
Georgina for some reason finds working with men less stressful than women.
“I find guys more comfortable to work with than working with a female. There are travel restrictions to places considered unsafe for females, and working after normal hours especially the drop-off times are not safe for females. I had to find ways to overcome some of the challenges.”
She sees people as different individuals with their own personal beliefs, likes, personalities and interests.
“And each person is created by God with a purpose or purposes. I believe that’s a purpose of doing something that interests you. You love to do what’s good and inspires others.
“I may be good in IT, my friends can be good in business or writing or singing, etc.”
Three achievements which stand out for her are:

  • Receiving a Certificate of Dedication as a Coral Sea Cable System Repeater R1101 last December;
  • Being part of the Cyber Security team during the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit;
  • Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Prime Minister James Marape for being part of the Covid-19 taskforce team from March 23 to June 16.

Georgina believes that everyone is blessed with a God-given talent or skill which one can develop and use to benefit oneself.
“That is your purpose. Find your purpose which is a gift from God.”
Georgina knows she has found hers.

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