Gerehu clinic sees drop in diabetes patients

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


THE diabetes clinic at Gerehu St John’s has not been receiving many diabetic patients in the past few months, Moresby North West district outreach coordinator Sr Jackie Jumbu says. 

Jumbu said the clinic had 14 patients last month and they referred three serious cases to the Port Moresby General Hospital for admission and treatment. 

She said many people went through the clinic outpatient, otherwise they had not received any referrals from other clinics in the district.  

“I believe nurses at the other clinics are not checking for diabetes, they only treat the sickness and send patients away,” she said. 

“Diabetes is a quiet killer disease; many people die before they are diagnosed and treated so it is a national concern. 

“When patients are suspected of diabetes, we check them for high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

“Sugar is taken into our body from the food we eat, but if the sugar is not used properly by a substance called insulin, then our blood sugar level is likely to rise. 

“The blood sugar level between seven and 11 are categorised as type 1 diabetes and can be controlled by tablets and exercise while levels above 11, normally requiring insulin injections or strong medications, is type 2.”