Get back and start with basics, Aimo tells prison managers

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ALL Government-funded public institutions and service delivery agencies in the country should be “corporatised” to allow public servants to implement service delivery procedures effectively, Correctional Services Minister Tony Aimo said yesterday.
At day one of a week-long CS senior managers’ conference in Lae’s Melanesian Hotel, Mr Aimo told the officers to “get back and start with the basics”.
“How can CS, one of the core Government service agency and arm of the law and justice sector, performs its roles and responsibilities effectively to achieve expected standards while senior managers lack management techniques and tactics?” he asked.
“We have lost the foresight, steam and stamina to perform our duties, roles and responsibilities to the community and our obligation to the State.
“Frequent breakouts were becoming a threat to society and it is almost endemic.
“We have failed miserably on our custodial responsibilities and, as a result, recorded 414 prison escapes last year; I am not impressed.”
The conference on “back to basics for effective service delivery” was organised for the managers to deliberate on various issues affecting the institution.
The CS hoped that weaknesses of the issues would be identified and mechanisms and strategies on improvement realised, amended and implemented.
One of the major factors to rectify the needs will be the five-year corporate plan 2011-15, work and budget plan 2011.
“As managers, one has to muster basic techniques and tactics of report writing, effective communication within and among various ranks and files, how to structure monthly, quarterly and annual reports, how to compile NEC submissions and, importantly, manage and acquit financial reports,” Mr Aimo said.
“These core management tools were lacking in senior management, allowing new trends of ideas to suppress the established CS systems and obligations.”
He said he was not impressed with frequent breakouts and urged the commanding officers to perform and minimise the trend.
“Let us put a stop, align our goals with Vision 2050 by fixing broken holes and fences and work collectively with corporate sectors, churches and NGOs to achieve what is best for the society,” he added.