Get back Govt system


AS part of his maiden speech on the floor of Parliament, PMJM put his thinking into perspective, the way he wanted to run his government.
One big word was to take back PNG and many people have had differing views on what this would entail.
Some people would be thinking nationalisation or getting back the mines and resources back into PNG ownership, etc.
My thinking went to getting back the system of government, respecting the laws, the systems, processes and procedures established by law.
This was a good starting point for the government because the system and culture of the public service has eroded rapidly over the years.
I thought getting back the system of government to stand on itself, defend itself and run the business of providing credible advice to the executive government of the day would do justice to PNG.
Getting back the public service would obviously do better for PNG and is rightly so as it consumes a huge chunk of the annual budget.
Let me give an example for the public service.
The Public Service Commission (PSC) is the most powerful authority on public service matters.
The PSC should be given the teeth to bite and that teeth is conveyed on it by the Public Service Management Act (1995).
All public service matters are entailed in that law to which the implementing agencies are the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) and the PSC.
The PSC having the alternate power and authority with its reviewing powers (s18) tucked under its feet.
In any organisation, including governments, the most effective management tool is delegation.
The power of delegation is an important tool that successful organisations throughout the corporate world, including well developed economies utilise to manage their organisations.
The laws enacted by parliaments are delegated laws that the government through parliament authorise or delegate the business of government to its own departments, institutions and agencies.
These laws are the enabling or empowered pieces of legislations, etc.
Governments through parliament give legal effects to those laws and legislations.
They are done for reason and purpose.
When PMJM announced his get back PNG slogan, my mind settled at fixing up the government system that has eroded over time.
I thought the government was now setting its eyes right at the problem hence this was the solution in the making.
And I have high regard for the prime minister to keep within his lane of thinking and not be swayed by political diversions.
When PMJM starts listening to politics, he will lose focus and directions.
Getting back PNG for the public service appointments for example, means following the Public Service Commission recommendations.
Strictly follow the order of list recommended by the PSC, appoint candidate No.1 as recommended and do not deviate down to No.2 or No.3.
When the government accepts this, the PSC is satisfied, happy and motivated for it to do better and good for the executive government of the day.
When the government deviates out of the PSC ranking order, than you’re weakening the PSC and the people who burned the mid-night oil feel their efforts have not been recognised and respected.
They feel their delegated powers have not been respected and honoured.
They feel they have wasted their time and efforts.
And this is where political choices with arbitrary ideas, views and favouritism is allowed to creep into the executive governments decision folds.
This will defeat the get back PNG agenda for the public service.

Yapi Akore,

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