Get down to people’s level, says Wenge

Lae News, Normal


MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge has appealed to political leaders, bureaucrats and professionals in the public and private sector to get down to the grass roots level to be able to empathise with “real life”.
“We are failing to deliver to the 87% people in both rural and urban communities because we, as leaders fail to go into the community to understand and experience their way of life,” he said.
Mr Wenge urged the elite to share their knowledge and skills when he was delivering his Easter message on FM 105 Radio Morobe last Thursday.
“The example was set in the Holy Bible by our Lord Jesus Christ that sacrificed his own life on the Cross at Calvary because he loved us so much,” he said.
“Jesus committed and dedicated his life beginning at the manger and grew up as the carpenter’s son. He went on to working with fishermen to eat with tax collectors and widows.
“He healed the sick, raised the dead, walked and worked among the poor despite his riches in his kingdom in heaven.
“These were all fine examples of a leadership attitudes established by the Lord. These leadership attitudes can be harnessed through reading Holy Bible, trusting in the word with a faithful heart.”
He said with the knowledge gained from the Bible, leaders could understand and transform people’s lives.
“People do not live that way because they like to, but, it’s us leaders that fail to understand them critically and initiate opportunities which they can take and sustain themselves,” Mr Wenge said.