Get help, admin told

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The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

PUBLIC Accounts Committee chairman John Hickey has suggested to the Madang provincial administration to seek the help of qualified people from Divine Word University.
He told provincial administrator Ben Lange that the lack of skilled personnel in the administration should not be an excuse for poor productivity.
Hickey said even final year degree students at the university could help the provincial administration in running its affairs.
Hickey recently blasted the administration for its lack of accountability.
He asked Lange if he was doing anything about getting in a competent internal auditor to check the books.
Hickey said if a job needed to be done professionally then qualified people were needed.
“The one big problem in Madang is there is not enough skilled or qualified persons in the administration.”
Lange said he had tried to get management to give him the green light to recruit more qualified staff.
“They are telling me to stick to my ceiling. So what do I do in such situation?”
Hickey suggested that the provincial government offered cadet programmes for its staff to attend DWU or the University of Papua New Guinea.
He said departments in Waigani needed to seriously consider the dire situation which the administration was in.
He said with no guidelines showing how assistance grants were paid out, there needed to be accountability at all three levels of the provincial government structure.