Get involved, parents told

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The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 BULOLO MP Sam Basil, pictured, has reminded parents at  one remote school in Morobe to take interest in their children’s education and future.

He told parents at Mangga Primary School in Buang last Wednesday that some of them had been skipping school functions for some reason. 

He was guest at the school’s graduation ceremony where 22 students received certificates.

 “The headmaster told me that when the school calls for work 

parade and school meetings, no one turns up.

“If you do not care about the school and your children I will not help the school. 

“You must attend school gatherings. Parents must take part in school activities.”

Basil, a Buang local, promised the school that he would assist them next year once he received the Bulolo District Services Improvement Programme funds.

Basil told the people that he was not happy with some locals who had stopped contactors from working in the area.

He had received reports from the contractor that people had stopped workers from building a new bridge.

“Don’t stop the people who are bringing in development,” Basil said.   

He said a bemobile tower project he had initiated in Muniau upper Buang had not progressed after landowners stopped the construction of the tower