Get Lo to play for Hunters


THE release of eight senior members of SP PNG Hunters team is a great number to count. Hunters coach Matthew Church should rely heavily on the rookies for the 2022 season.
Now, with these experienced players retiring and having suspended Norman Brown and Brendon Gutono, there is an urgent need for Church to consider their substitutes to ensure Hunters win games.
It is important for him to consider getting Gary Lo into the team because Lo is one of the best and experienced wingers.
He has represented the PNG Kumuls very well over the years, played above expectation in the United Kingdom, and if Church does not know who Lo is, he was previously Intrust Cup leading try scorer.
He is still in his peak.
I see no reason why Church will not get Lo into the team.
We urge two most respected assistant coaches Paul Aiton and Stanley Tepend to have a word with Church to consider Lo.
I am not his relative, nor do I have any connection with him, but we all know who he is.
Give him the chance and you will see his performance.
Lo can prove a valuable asset to team.
His potential should not be overlooked and denied if the Hunters want to win next year’s Hostplus Cup.
Church should not use the rookies as an excuse if Hunters fall short of making the top 8.
We have had enough of this excuse.
Use the experienced players and a few rookies rather than having rookies dominating more than half of the team and then you start blaming them.

Hunters Fan,