Get more men to attend church


THE Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG is having its 33rd synod meeting to consult on church matters this week in the National Capital District.
In this meeting, delegates are entrusted to debate and provide information to run the church for evangelism and soul harvesting.
The attendants comprises church leaders, council members and congregation members. In these groups, we expect equal representation of men, women and youths.
However, there were more women than men.
The number of men is made up of church pastors and church leaders only, not many men as ordinary congregation members attended.
This situation is not happening in this synod only, it’s common in churches today.
Men are rarely found in church gatherings.
Only women and children are dominating the events and taking the church leadership roles.
The men who attend the church take the back seats all the time.
Many of us are under the impression that men are too busy to attend church activities.
They are consumed by other affairs such as politics, business and the big man culture.
They give more time to these affairs than going to church and having time for their family.
Every man works hard to provide for their family.
Their highest aim is to convince their wife and subsequently put everything in their homes and communities in order.
Apostle Paul once said “a married man works very hard to make his wife happy”.
Woman is the greatest weakness of any man.
Men fall easily for women.
Those who were against Samson in the Bible used a woman to trap him.
Even today, we hear that leaders or pastors who do not receive much attention from their wives fall for other women.
When Eve was brought before Adam, he said “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”.
This declaration was a shout of joy, triumph and happiness.
Adam felt complete when there was a woman beside him.
So there is a powerful thing in women that can attract man to swallow his ego, pride and strength and surrender to her influence.
This power can make any man humble and follow his wife to wherever she goes. If the wife is in the church, her husband will be there.
If a woman is in a leadership position, the husband will be there to assist her.
Most importantly, if she is his honey, he will not assault or violate her.
In everything, he will be under the sun for her.
But absence of men in church indicates that many women do not have the power to attract them.
Their character, conduct and ambitions are not attractive enough to bring their husbands to where they go.
This is what our women need to assess in their lives.
Are they giving enough attention to their husbands:
Someone should answer this question.

Kenny Pawa,
Port Moresby

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