Get rid of primitive and uncivilised people

Letters, Normal

PORT Moresby was a better place 30 years ago than today.
It was cleaner, greener and peaceful.
People were civilised and men, women and children could roam the city freely during the day and even nights.
Families frequented Ela Beach during the weekends.
Everyone enjoyed their shopping, picnics, partying, etc.
There was no feeling of risk or danger where one could be harassed, held up or even killed.
Today, it is different.
With the influx of highlanders, there is chaos and filth everywhere you turn.
Tabari place in Boroko used to be a very clean shopping area but now it is like a filthy village.
The same goes for Erima, 9-Mile, 6-Mile, Gordon, Malaoro, Gerehu. These places have gone to the dogs.
The squatter settlements grew in the last 10 years.
Who established them?
Where did the people come from?
How did they come?
Who allowed them to settle?
Where did these people come from?
Obviously, they must come from the uncivilised regions.
How else can a first-year law student be axed to pieces in a payback killing in Port Moresby last week?
It is sad to see the nation’s capital being treated like a backyard of the primitive and uncivilised people.
They bring fear and discomfort to many peace-loving citizens and visitors alike.
It is time something drastic is done to remove these people.
I suggest that the national government make Mt Hagen, Mendi, Kundiawa, Wabag or Goroka the capital city of PNG so that highlanders return home and continue their primitive way there.
The people of Port Moresby are sick and tired of these people.
Even pigs and dogs have senses better than some of these people.

Tired of primitive and uncivilised creatures
Via email