Get rid of rotten apples


ABOUT 95 per cent of PPL employees over the last three decades are liabilities and less than five per cent are productive.
Mark my word, PPL HR department is stiffed with corruption and nepotism and a continuous burden to the GoPNG to bear.
Staff employed are either unqualified or occupying wrong positions.
How long are we going to talk about the woes and when would that end? Get rid of rotten apples and save the good in five per cent.
As their fruits are being displayed by the frequent outages and bank overdrafts with creditors waiting to be paid.
Otherwise, as owner of this company – a state proponent, I’d say ‘cut the crap and don’t bother talking about woes on media’.
If woes root causes cannot be identified by PPL’s top management and corrective action taken then have both the top management and the board sacked.
Why playing leniency when the cries have been heard time and again.
How can the economic programmes of the GoPNG in the new budget tabled recently be achieved under the current precarious situation created by PPL’s own doings?
Let private entrepreneurs or capitalist take over as required by privatisation policy.
It’s time we pull the plug on the unconscious giant on life support since 2014.

Power Fixer

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